Dorchester Co-op, New Westminster, BC

We have a Letter of Intent with a site in New Westminster across the street from the Columbia Skytrain Station, near city parks and the New Westminster Quay.

We are redeveloping an end-of-life low rise into a modern high rise. 

The project is ready for co-op membership investment to bring it to reality. The co-op membership investment is the final piece required for the project to proceed.

The housing charge for the units will initially be similar to market rents, and members will build equity secure in the knowledge that their rents will only increase with costs.

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East Van Area Co-op, Vancouver, BC

There are a few sites we are looking at in East Vancouver, that could be redeveloped under the new Transit Oriented Developments rules recently passed by the BC Government. These projects are an assembly of 4-8 city lots upon which we will build a 6 story limited equity housing co-op.

For this project to proceed, we first need 10 members willing to invest the initial amount in the wings, as land is expensive in East Van and the co-op will need the funds for purchasing the land.

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Other Sites

If you support our vision and have found a site in your area, let us know by filling out the form below. This could be an existing building that could be converted to a cooperative or a development site where a new cooperative could be built.

If you are living on a site where you think a cooperative could be built, that is one of the best scenarios as the cooperative would purchase your site at market rates just before the start of construction and you would be helping create permanent non-market housing.

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