Dorchestor House

Our plan is to develop this location into a 200+ unit coop with some cohousing units.

The next step is to bild a group of coop members to support the project.

Similar to most new 200+ unit developments, future residents are required to make an early investment in order for the project to proceed. 

This project will include one part that is focused on a "cohousing" model and the other part that is focused on "co-operative" living.

Offerings will range from Studios to 3 Bedroom Units.

Monthly costs will start off similarly to market rates. However, unlike market rates, the monthly costs will be like co-op rates increasing only by incremental amounts tied to inflation of costs.

Missing Middle

Affordable to middle income households.

Community Owned

Housing as a place to live rather than an investment.


Quality of life for residents

Designed for Sociability

To create more of a neighbourhood feel we are exploring design options that open the building to create a community street on each level.

With this design there is a chance to see neighbours coming and going, and more access to light and air for the homes.

Layered Privacy

This will mean that some of the units can have a wider community area for circulation and opportinities to connect with neighbours in a shared space. There is some space between the units and the circulation to create a private feel.

The Money Part

Depending on the size of your unit, you will be expected to make 2 investments, one when you commit and the second when you move in. 

For the first commitment where the funds are used to cover development costs we offer the equity shares at a 50% discount. So an investment of $18,000 would lead to owing shares worth $36,000 after they make the second paymen of $49,200 for a total share value of $85,000. 

This amount would be indexed to the price of real estate and is intendend to be usable as a downpayment on a future home.

Member EquityLand Purchase
Share Purchse
Construction Start
Share Purchse
Member Equity, Studio$18,000$49,200
Member Equity, 1 bed$22,000$61,200
Member Equity, 2 bed$30,000$90,000
Member Equity, 3 bed$40,000$104,000

Since we are relying on government financing, we have a maximum income for potential members, depending on their unit size. BC housing updates these numbers each year, and you only have to qualify when you become a member.

Maximum Income
Studio - 2 Bedroom$129,780
3 Bedroom +$187,460

Each month you pay a housing charge, similar to rent. However, it is based on the costs, and does not include profit to investors. For a 1 bedroom unit, for a person who got a personal loan to help with the share purchase, they could expect their expenses to work as follows:

Housing ChargesAmountPayment
Shared Mortgage$400,400$2,010
Besonda Admin and Growth$50
Reserve Fund$133
Operating Funds$267
Shares Loan Repayment$36,600$222
Total Housing Charge at move in date (2028)$2,682
Todays average rent in the area$2,310
Projected average rent in the area at move in date (2028)$2,910

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Total Monthly Cost$2,910$2,682$4,681
Total payments after 5 years$174,600$160,920$280,872
Principle Repayment$104,597
Savings vs ownership invested$121,051$145,642
Equity Gain - Land$287,553
Equity Gain - Shares$139,113
Total Financial Gain after 5 years$121,051$284,755$392,150

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